Getting to know our leaders:

  1. Who is your favorite NCAA basketball team?

  2. Where were you born & where do you currently live?

  3. Family?

  4. What is your vocation?

  5. Of all the people alive in the world today- who would you want to have lunch with and why?

  6. Advice you’d give to those contestants you’re beating? What was your strategy?

  7. How did you hear about this contest?

Caleb Bachman- 1st place - Final Four

1st Place- Caleb Bachman

1. Michigan Wolverines

2. Born in California. Currently live in Pennsylvania.

3. I have two younger siblings who... didn't do quite as well in the bracket ;)

4. Kinda young for that, but I do work at our sponsor Chick-Fil-A

5. Steven Crowder, because he's hilarious and I look up to his views on politics.

6. You just gotta make the high percentage picks with a bit of luck, too.  But nothing's done until the buzzer in the final tournament goes off.

7. I heard about the contest from my dad.


2nd Place- Joseph Caleb Morgan

 1. I am more of a pro basketball fan than a college fan, however, I truly just love good basketball. In college I believe i get more attached to players such as Zion, RJ, Ja Morant and such.

2. Born in Auburn, AL. Currently live in Birmingham, AL.

3. I come from a fairly large family. My parents, Scott and Brandi Morgan. Then my 3 younger sisters Brooke, Emily and Chloe.

4. I currently work for UAB Hospital in the finance department for the Neurosurgery Department.

5. Personally, I am very into different music. I would probably have to say having lunch and talking with Florence Welch of ‘Florence and the Machine’ would be amazing.

6. I just sit down, look at some specific stats, I feel that free throw %, turnovers, and efficiency for offense and defense.

7. Truly, I think I was just looking around online at different bracket challenges and came across this one. I loved the message and decided to give it a shot.


3rd Place- Shane Lott

t-4th Place- Lex Panos

Kathy Curtis- 6th place- Final Four (chance for 1st)

Kathy Curtis- 6th place- Final Four (chance for 1st)

6th Place- Kathy Curtis (chance for 1st)

1. Missouri Tigers.

2. Born in Columbia, Missouri. Still live in Columbia, Missouri.

3. My husband and I have two sons, two daughters-in-law and five grandchildren.

4. I’m a wife, homemaker, mom and Grandma.

5. I would choose to have lunch with any (or all of them at once) of my grandchildren because grand kids are one of God’s greatest blessings and are so much fun!

6. My advice would be don’t spend too much time filling out your bracket. March Madness is so unpredictable! My ‘strategy’ was to pick mostly top seeds and throw in a few upsets.

7. I participated in last year’s challenge because my son told me about it and then received an email about it this year.


Joe Calhoun- t-4th place- Final Four

t-4th Place- Joe Calhoun

1. Marquette Golden Eagles

2. Born in the Chicago suburbs. Currently reside there as well.

3. My wonderful wife, Lanette, and great parents and brother.

4. Strategy and Analytics

5. Kurt Warner; because his story is very inspiring and he was a great quarterback.

6. My advice would be to not overthink it. Anything can happen and most of these games are coin flips.

7. Through a friend. 


Round 3 Update and Leader Profiles:

Gregory Linden- 1st place- Elite 8

Gregory Linden- 1st place- Elite 8

1st Place- Gregory Linden

coming soon


Nathan Parker- 2nd place- Elite 8

2nd Place- Nathan Parker

See below- 1st place - Sweet 16

Brian Roberge- 3rd place- Elite 8

Brian Roberge- 3rd place- Elite 8

3rd Place- Brian Roberge

See below- 2nd place - Sweet 16

Brittany Majewski - 4th place- Elite 8

Brittany Majewski- 4th place- Elite 8

4th Place- Brittany Majewski

See below- 3rd place- Sweet 16

Chris Macklin- t-5th- Elite 8

Chris Macklin- t-5th- Elite 8

t-5th Place- Chris Macklin

See below 4th place- Sweet 16

Jospeh Caleb Morgan- t-5h- Elite 8

Jospeh Caleb Morgan- t-5h- Elite 8

t-5th Place- Joseph Caleb Morgan

See 2nd place in Final Four round above.


Round 2 Update and Leader Profiles:


Nathan Parker- 1st place- Sweet 16

1st Place- Nathan Parker

  1. Duke Blue Devils

  2. Born in Pittsburgh, PA. Currently live in Charlotte, NC.

  3. Son of Brad and Amy (Kicher) Parker. Sister Anna.

  4. I'm 15, so a 10th grade student.

  5. Zion Williamson. I would like to meet him and talk to him about what it is like to play for Duke and Coach K.

  6. Strategy- look at ESPN's analyst and see what each of their predictions have in common.

  7. My parents- went to college with some of you :)

Brian Roberge - 2nd place- Sweet 16

Brian Roberge- 2nd place- Sweet 16

2nd Place- Brian Roberge

See below- 3rd place in Round 1

Brittany Majewski - 3rd place- Sweet 16

Brittany Majewski- 3rd place- Sweet 16

3rd Place- Brittany Majewski

  1.  Texas A&M

  2. Born in Boston, MA. Currently live in Nashville, TN.

  3. Husband and 2 fur babies

  4. Senior Project Manager

  5. My mom, I lost her a few years ago and would do anything to have one more meal with her.

  6. Be better :) I've done brackets for many years

  7. DudePerfect fan

Chris Macklin  - 4th place- Sweet 16

Chris Macklin - 4th place- Sweet 16

4th Place- Chris Macklin

  1. Michigan Wolverines, Go Blue!!

  2. Born in Midland, MI. Currently live in Fishers, IN (just outside Indianapolis)

  3. Beautiful wife, Raeanne, and 4 amazing kids (Ayla 7, Cole 5, Tyler 3, and Lyra 20 months).

  4. Financial Project Manager working on contract at Eli Lilly.

  5. President Trump, because eating fast food at the White House would be pretty cool, but I would request Chick-fil-A!

  6. Don’t lose heart, things change quickly so enjoy the ride.  Stick to the favorites and only pick upsets that wouldn’t effect your late round picks or seemed like they had a higher percentage of happening...aka Oregon.

  7. I’ve been friends with Dani O since birth.  He told me about it during its first years, have been entering it ever since.

Greg Terada  - t-5th place- Sweet 16

Greg Terada - t-5th place- Sweet 16

t-5th Place- Greg Terada

  1. University of Washington

  2. Seattle, WA

  3. Wife and two boys

  4. U.S. Army

  5. Adele, love her voice and she seems like she would be a lot of fun to hang out with.

  6. Don't overthink it and try too hard to find a Cinderella team; oftentimes the better teams find ways to win.

  7. Google searched contests to get into and decided to try a new one this year.



Round 1 Update and Leader Profiles:

Leader ProfileS after round 1

Frank Ramirez- 1st place- round 1

  1. Stanford Cardinals

  2. Married

  3. Warren Buffet

  4. Patience

  5. I heard through online.



Breyona Lewis- 2nd place- round 1

  1. Michigan! Go Blue!

  2. Born in Midland, MI. Currently live in Plymouth, MI

  3. My husband, Aaron Lewis (currently #578 :) ) and our fantastic 2 year old son, Xander.

  4. Stay at home mom and part time administrative assistant at our church.

  5. Yikes. Any and all grown up conversations over lunch is my favorite :)

  6. I don’t really have a strategy, but I always choose upsets based on where my favorite people live and favorite books/shows are set.

  7. My husband, Aaron Lewis, again #578 :)


Brian Roberge- 3rd place- round 1

  1. This year it's Duke because of Zion. He is extremely fun to watch.  In general I don't have a favorite.

  2. Born in Concord, NH. Currently live in Bow, NH.

  3. Married with two kids ages 4 & 6.

  4. I work as sales rep covering NH & ME for a German manufacturing company that makes dental materials.

  5. Warren Buffett because he is an investing genius. Larry Bird because he is the living legend.  Tom Brady well because he's Tom Brady.

  6.  It's very random for me, mix in some upsets with favorites.

  7. Heard about this from my brother Michael Roberge (he worked at shirtmasters) who I usually dominate! 


Finnegan O’Shaughnessey- 4th place- round 1

  1. Villanova Wildcats and Michigan Wolverines

  2. Born in Paoli, PA. Currently live in Chester Springs, PA

  3. I’m the oldest of three kids. I have two sisters (Sola & Shauna). I also have a mom & dad.

  4. I’m in kindergarten.

  5. Mamma, Because she gives me treats.

  6. I would just say they should have picked Villanova.

  7. My dad told me about it.


Phil Collins- 5th place- round 1

  1. Duke Blue Devils

  2. Born in Chicago, IL. Currently live in Arlington Heights, IL.

  3. Wife and three kids.

  4. Chief Learning Officer

  5. Barack Obama. Because he is a great leader.

  6. Go with your gut, I did.

  7. From a colleague at work.